Zentangle 7: Inspiring Circles, Zendalas & Shapes


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Zentangle 7: Inspiring Circles, Zendalas & Shapes

ISBN: 9781574219500
Authors(s): Suzanne McNeill

About Zentangle 7: Inspiring Circles, Zendalas & Shapes:

Zendalas are actually Zen mandalas! A Zendala is an inspired form of mandala that is drawn using tangles to fill each section of a circle. Create your own beautiful Zendalas and other fascinating circular designs with this step-by-step guidebook. For centuries, mandala circles have been used to connect the spirit with the divine. Drawing a mandala helps one discover true inner self and balance. These special circles provide a unique opportunity to explore ancient teachings. In Zentangle 7, Expanded Workbook Edition, talented CZT artists share their secrets for creating sacred circle designs, and show how to add colour, resist, layers and more. This book includes 40 original tangle patterns, plus a bonus 16-page interactive workbook section where you can get started with warm-up exercises and practice Zendala tangling.

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No of pages: 32
Published as: Paperback
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