Your True Purpose


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Your True Purpose

ISBN: 9781877270956
Authors(s): Philip Logan Richard Logan

About Your True Purpose:

Inspiration is the quantum leap beyond our logic, memory and IQ intelligence. Without inspiration we would have no science, invention, philosophy, religion or creativity. Pessimism, cynicism and despair would dominate our thinking and our lives. Inspiration is driven by purpose, which we can tap into. With a true and far-reaching purpose, the resulting inspiration instils us with optimism and courage, and with it we can break out of difficult problems. Looking forward into the future, if we want to improve our quality of life and make a better world, we will become even more dependent on inspiration. ‘Your True Purpose’ takes the reader on a journey through time. It presents the writing of the world’s leading movers and shakers. Those whose work, ideas, inventions and writings have in some manner shifted our world for the better, and continue to influence us today.

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Published as: Paperback
Genre: History of Ideas & Popular Philosophy