Victoria Square: Cradle of Christchurch


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Victoria Square: Cradle of Christchurch

ISBN: 9781927145586
Authors(s): Geoffrey W. Rice

About Victoria Square: Cradle of Christchurch:

Victoria Square, that green and peaceful oasis in the centre of Christchurch, has a special claim to fame: it is the only city square in the world with a river running through it. And it has a rich and varied history, starting in 1850 when, as Christchurch’s Market Place, it was the centre of commerce in the fledgling settlement. Before long it was home to little wooden shops, busy hotels and flourishing businesses, and to the city’s law courts. Much later it was the site of a splendid town hall. There have been many changes over the years, by far the most drastic those that followed the major earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. All the buildings on the square’s eastern side, and most of those to the south, were demolished, along with the eye-catching tourist hotel that had occupied its north-west corner from 1988.
Published as: Hardback
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