Three Gorges: Of the Yangtze River


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Three Gorges: Of the Yangtze River

ISBN: 9789622177741
Authors(s): Raynor Shaw

About Three Gorges: Of the Yangtze River:

The 3,965-mile-long Yangtze River, which flows from the barren snowfields of Tibet to the fertile delta near Shanghai, has been a main trade artery for 2,000 years. Draining 20 per cent of China, the Yangtze Basin holds 36 per cent of the nation’s water resources, supports 40 per cent of the country’s economic output, and is home to 33 per cent of China’s 1.3 billion population. From 2009, the new Three Gorges Dam will provide power for much of southern China. The most spectacular section of this remarkable river is the famous Three Gorges region, which extends down-stream for a distance of 120 miles through the Wushan Mountains from Baidicheng to the Nanjin Pass near Yichang. Surrounded by towering peaks and enclosed by precipitous cliffs, each gorge has its own distinctive and dramatic scenery, containing features that have long attracted both local and overseas visitors.
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No of pages: 224
Published as: Paperback
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