The Position of Peggy Harper


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The Position of Peggy Harper

ISBN: 9781843913856
Authors(s): Leonard Merrick George Orwell

About The Position of Peggy Harper:

Set in British theatre-land in the very early twentieth century, The Position of Peggy Harper tells of Christopher Tatham’s quest as an actor for a secure wage and fame. Tatham lurches from bit part to bit part, always hoping for the longed-for leading-man role, relying on the kindness of relations to keep him housed and clothed. A chance encounter with the enchanting Peggy Harper seems to pre-empt a change of fortune. Will they both attain the success they crave? Toasting engagements with ginger-beer, living hand-to-mouth, Merrick’s seedy world makes for grim reading and when Peggy turns out to be as fame-hungry, vain and vacant as she first appears, Christopher’s lot looks unlikely to improve. In an age in which fame and celebrity are widely courted and craved, The Position of Peggy Harper still makes for an intriguing and, potentially, cautionary tale.

First Published (if available):
No of pages: 164
Published as: Paperback
Genre: General & Literary Fiction