The Method of Shared Concern


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The Method of Shared Concern

ISBN: 9781742860077
Authors(s): Ken Rigby

About The Method of Shared Concern:

Ken Rigby provides an in-depth, research-based examination of The Method of Shared Concern. Originally conceived by Swedish psychologist Anatol Pikas, and adapted in line with ground-breaking government-sponsored studies in Australia, The Method of Shared Concern describes the multi-stage process in which suspected bullies and their victims are individually interviewed, and eventually brought together in an effort to reach resolution. Intended primarily for use by teachers and school counsellors it demonstrates through practical examples and real-world case studies how the method can be applied in any school environment, as one important way in which cases of bullying can be effectively managed.

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No of pages: 192
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Education & Teaching