The Gluten Free Lunch Book


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The Gluten Free Lunch Book
Gluten Sensitive Series
ISBN: 9780473104986
Authors(s): Rodney Dr Ford Chris Ford Liz Fazakarley

About The Gluten Free Lunch Book:

This is the recurring question for these who are on a gluten free diet. This book gives you the answer. You will be enthused with these ideas. There is one person in every ten who get sick from gluten. They feel fantastic when they go gluten free. Now this book will help you stay gluten free. Read this lunch book for: Big variety for school lunches; Great take-away ideas; Tasty home lunches; Easy pizza and wrap; Neat snack and sandwiches; Cookies and muffins; Healthy & yummy eating. These selection of ideas and recipes was put together for children and families who are on their gluten-free pathway for life.

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No of pages: 64
Published as: Paperback
Genre: gluten, gluten free, gluten free cook book, gluten free recipe book, coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity