The Delicious: A Companion to New Food Culture


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The Delicious: A Companion to New Food Culture

ISBN: 9783899555851
Authors(s): R Klanten Giulia Pines Sven Ehmann

About The Delicious: A Companion to New Food Culture:

Whether it’s being eaten, cooked, grown, prepared, or cultivated, food is today’s hottest topic. Its many facets spur our interest, arouse our passion, and provide us withpure pleasure. Regional cuisines are becoming more dynamic –even well beyond theareas where they originated. Vacationsmake impressions on our taste buds thatare further developed at home. In additionto local delicacies, specialty marketsare offering more and more internationaltreats. Cooking classes serve as creativemeeting points, market halls are becomingweekend travel destinations, and supperclubs are experiencing a growing popularity.Culinary magazines, special interestpublications, and blogs are further fuelingthe current enthusiasm for food.
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No of pages: 256
Published as: Hardback
Genre: Food & Drink: cooking