The Days of Roger Federer


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The Days of Roger Federer

ISBN: 9781937559373
Authors(s): Randy Walker

About The Days of Roger Federer:

One of the world’s most well-known and respected athletes, Roger Federer has had a career that ranks among the most celebrated and successful in all of tennis history. This entertaining and illuminating chronicle of Federer’s trophy-laden journey is unique for its day-by-day format: every day of the calendar year is presented with a corresponding bit of fact, trivia, or an anniversary, including hallmark victories, statistics, quirky happenings, and quotations. Fans of a player widely considered the greatest of all time as well as sports fans in general will get to know the 17-time major champion better in a uniquely engaging way with this book.

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No of pages: 220
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Biography: Sport