The Dark Lord Of Savaiki: Collected Poems


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The Dark Lord Of Savaiki: Collected Poems

ISBN: 9781877393006
Authors(s): Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

About The Dark Lord Of Savaiki: Collected Poems:

In The Dark Lord of Savaiki Alistair Te Ariki Campbell presents the best of his early and middle period poems, as well as his latest collections, Gallipoli and other Poems, Maori Battalion, acclaimed as a New Zealand epic poem, and an autobiographical poem in letters, Poets in Our Youth. Few New Zealand poets have treated the natural world with greater sensitivity, while his personal lyrics and love poems have a music and a depth of feeling that set them apart. Campbell is in the enviable position of being both a New Zealand and a Cook Islands poet, enabling him to draw on imagery, folklore, history, and mythology from both sources, with powerful effect. The publication of this book is a time for celebration, as a poet in his eightieth year publishes perhaps his best collection

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No of pages: 304
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Poetry Texts & Poetry Anthologies