The Complete Robuchon


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The Complete Robuchon

ISBN: 9781906502225
Authors(s): Joel Robuchon

About The Complete Robuchon:

Robuchon is the most influential French chef of the post-nouvelle cuisine era. Since the mid-eighties, he has been called the primus inter pares of Paris’ three star chefs for his work both at Jamin and at his eponymous restaurant. He is renowned for the relentless perfectionism of his cuisine. His food was seen as instrumental in leading French cuisine away from the excesses – and excessive reductionism – of nouvelle cuisine. In particular, his cuisine is seen as harkening back to a more authentic, even bourgeois French cuisine – cuisine actuelle – which focuses on making each ingredient taste of itself. He has mentored such distinguished chefs as Gordon Ramsay and Michael Caines and his signature dishes include a cauliflower cream with caviar and potato puree.

No of pages: 768
Published as: Hardback
Genre: Food & Drink: General