The Bond of Time: An Epic Love Poem


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The Bond of Time: An Epic Love Poem

ISBN: 9781927145562
Authors(s): John Puhiatau Pule

About The Bond of Time: An Epic Love Poem:

First published in a limited edition in 1985, John Pule’s epic love poem “The Bond of Time” is now available in a new edition from Canterbury University Press. ‘A net of words across the Pacific …The Bond of Time is a vast, surreal cornucopia of images stretching over 88 ages, a non-lineal narrative, bursting at its seams into every successive five-lined unrhymed stanza, each self-contained but caught in the net of Pule’s ravishing imagination. […] It seems obvious that while a human relationship is signaled from the very beginning and pursued through dark and light along the poem’s entire trajectory, no one person could be the sole object of the poet’s attention and passion – this is a love letter to a sea of islands, to Niue and the entire Pacific.’ – From the Introduction by Jeffrey Paparoa Holman

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No of pages: 100
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Poetry Texts & Poetry Anthologies