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Silver Wings: New Zealand Women in Aviation

ISBN: 9780473165499
Authors(s): Shirley Laine Pam Collings

About Silver Wings: New Zealand Women in Aviation:

Have you ever had a yearning to fly? Do you look up when planes fly overhead? Have you ever seen a female pilot and wondered about her journey? Silver Wings tells the story of New Zealand’s women flyers, from the 1920s, when a woman’s place was deemed to be on the ground (preferably in the home), until the present day, when women fly every type of aircraft and are involved in aviation sport of all kinds. After 22 December 1925, when Gladys Sandford became the first woman in New Zealand to obtain a pilot licence, more and more women followed her example, despite some prejudice from male colleagues, from the aviation industry and from friends. Among the courageous early flyers of the 1930s was Jean Batten, whose name became a household word, and during World War II several New Zealand women flew with the Air Transport Auxiliary in England.
No of pages: 288
Published as: Paperback
Genre: flying book, flying history, flying nz, aviation nz