Pills & Potions: At the Cotter Medical History Trust


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Pills & Potions: At the Cotter Medical History Trust

ISBN: 9781877578571
Authors(s): Claire Le Couteur

About Pills & Potions: At the Cotter Medical History Trust:

In this fascinating and by turns alarming book, Claire Le Couteur has researched the background to some of the popular medical remedies in New Zealand’s medical history, based on items found in the collection of the Cotter Medical History Trust. The Cotter Trust was established in Christchurch by retired surgeon Pat Cotter, with the aim ‘to collect, preserve and display artefacts of a medical nature’. It now holds the largest collection in the country of biographical notes of doctors, dentists, technical, managerial, administrative and nursing staff who have worked in Canterbury. This is augmented by a museum of historical medical implements and equipment, medicines and pharmacy equipment, photographs, documents, memorabilia and books …”Consumption, asthma, whooping cough? You need Congreve’s Balsamic Elixir …43.8% proof spirit alcohol …” Pills & Potions is a collector’s dream.

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No of pages: 112
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Medicine: General