On the Unexplained


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On the Unexplained

ISBN: 9781843916239
Authors(s): Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

About On the Unexplained:

On the unexplained is a brand new selection of Arthur Conan Doyle’s writings on all things supernatural taken from Edge of the Unknown. Best known for the creation of Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle had many more strings to his bow. On the unexplained contains accounts of seances, automatic writing, trips to haunted country houses, passages on his incredible relationship with Houdini and in-depth philosophical analysis of the thinking behind the supernatural recorded by the author. As well as creating one of the most famous and recognisable fictional detectives of our time, Conan Doyle was a political campaigner (most memorably in his defence of the Boer War); he believed in the existence of fairies; he played amateur sleuth, taking up closed cases to prove miscarriage of justice. Perhaps most intriguing of all though was the fact that, following the deaths of a number of his family, Conan Doyle began to take an interest in what was then termed ‘spiritualism’ (trying to prove the existence of life beyond the grave), he became a member of the paranormal association The Ghost Sense Club and he also joined the British Society of Psychical Research.
Pages: 152
Type: Paperback
Genre: Anthologies, Essays, Letters & Miscellaneous