Night and Day / Jacob’s Room


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Night and Day / Jacob’s Room
Wordsworth Classics
ISBN: 9781840226805
Authors(s): Virginia Woolf Dorinda Guest Dr. Keith Carabine

About Night and Day / Jacob’s Room:

Virginia Woolf’s second novel, Night and Day (1919), portrays the gradual changes in a society, the patterns and conventions of which are slowly disintegrating; where the representatives of the younger generation struggle to forge their own way, for ‘…life has to be faced: to be rejected; then accepted on new terms with rapture’. Woolf begins to experiment with the novel form while demonstrating her affection for the literature of the past. Jacob’s Room (1922), Woolf’s third novel, marks the bold affirmation of her own voice and search for a new form to express her view that ‘the human soul …orientates itself afresh every now & then. It is doing so now. No one can see it whole therefore.’ Jacob’s life is presented in subtle, delicate and tantalising glimpses, the novel’s gaps and silences are as replete with meaning as the wicker armchair creaking in the empty room.

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No of pages: 576
Published as: Paperback
Genre: General & Literary Fiction