Nature’s Playthings


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Nature’s Playthings

ISBN: 9781906122003
Authors(s): Alison Wilson Smith

About Nature’s Playthings:

“A whole world of free entertainment is out there waiting to be discovered, in gardens, woodlands, hedgerows, rough land and open spaces. All it needed was Alison Wilson Smith, now a grandmother, to recall her childhood activities using nothing but nature’s playthings, to inspire a whole new generation to play outdoors. Here’s how to make itching powder from rosehips, the rules of conkers, the joys of making leaf-boats, flea darts, grass whistles, daisy chains, poppy dolls and more. Of playing pooh sticks, stone-skimming, pond-dipping, stick-in-the-mud, dam-building and feather-collecting. This practical and lively book will remind parents and grand-parents, childminders, schools, and playgroups, how to inspire young people to get outside and enjoy nature’s playthings. No batteries required!”

First Published (if available):
No of pages: 192
Published as: Hardback
Genre: Novelty & Activity Books