My Special Pony Record Book


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My Special Pony Record Book

ISBN: 9781905693948
Authors(s): Kenilworth Press

About My Special Pony Record Book:

This expanded edition of the bestselling My Special Pony Record Book is a colourful diary-type notebook in which children can keep details about their pony and what makes them so special. There are fun-filled questions with boxes to tick and pages on which to stick photographs and/or keepsakes – or even to draw something themselves. They can record all their Pony Club rallies, competition entries at shows, and jot down how well they did. There is also space to write about lessons and training so they can remind themselves of their improvements. A checklist section has also been included on how to look after their pony and there are pages for useful addresses and contact details such as their vet and farrier as well as practical checklists for worming dates, farrier visits, etc. This is a book suitable for any pony-mad child from small to teenage, that will become a personal record of their special pony which can be dipped into and treasured for years.

First Published (if available):
No of pages: 96
Published as: Record book
Genre: horse book, horse care books, books about horses