Much Ado About Mutton


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Much Ado About Mutton

ISBN: 9781906122614
Authors(s): Bob Kennard

About Much Ado About Mutton:

Mutton is a great as yet untold story with its deep impact on the landscape, history and culture of these islands. This is its turning point. With current heightened public interest in traditional and wholesome meats, now is the time for a serious revival in the popularity of mutton. It once fed the nation and took pride of place on dining tables from peasants to royalty. With the backing of the Mutton Renaissance campaign, it is poised to make a comeback as its extraordinary health and environmental benefits are recognised. Bob Kennard addresses all the issues: what s a wether, mutton as a super-meat, mutton candles, mutton farming round the world, how sheep have shaped the landscape, mutton recipes, braxy ham, salt marsh mutton, butchery tips, lists of mutton breeds, directory of suppliers.”

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No of pages: 224
Published as: Hardback
Genre: Natural History: Animal & Wildlife