Living at Mt Algidus


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Living at Mt Algidus

ISBN: 9781877393044
Authors(s): Gail Turner

About Living at Mt Algidus:

Living at Mount Algidus is a compelling story of life at Mount Algidus, New Zealand’s best known high country station. Told through the eyes of city dweller Gail Turner, it is the tale of her son, Ben, and his wife Anna’s five years spent living in this spectacular setting. A beautifully told story of a life dictated by river crossings, surrounded by stunning scenery and ruled by remoteness, Living at Mount Algidus is a mustread for those touched by Mona Anderson’s recollections of life in the high country. Filled with amusing anecdotes, historical references and detailed reference to the wildlife in the area, this is the story of a city boy and a country girl who together embark on a journey that will influence their lives forever.

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No of pages: 136
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Biography: General