Living and Working in London


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Living and Working in London
Living and Working
ISBN: 9781905303694
Authors(s): David Hampshire

About Living and Working in London:

Written in an entertaining style with a touch of humour, Living and Working in London is designed to provide newcomers with the practical information necessary for a relatively trouble-free life. It contents include finding a job, permits & visas, health, accommodation, finance, insurance, education, shopping, post office and telephone services, public transport, motoring, TV and radio, leisure and much, much more. It is packed with vital information and insider tips to help minimize culture shock and reduce the newcomers rookie period to a minimum. Living and Working in London is essential reading for anyone planning to spend an extended period in London. Now printed in full color.

First Published (if available):
No of pages: 400
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Self Improvement: General