Leadershift: The Work-life Balance Program


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Leadershift: The Work-life Balance Program

ISBN: 9780864314666
Authors(s): Don Clayton

About Leadershift: The Work-life Balance Program:

An original Australian leadership program designed to shift the way people think about their personal and professional life. Leadershift promotes a work-life balance through a personal and practical program of self-leadership. It includes a unique model that HR professionals and managers can also use as a structured professional and personal development program in any workplace. The Leadershift program has two components: The Leadershift book provides a wealth of information and analysis on the personal and working lives of Australians today. Don Clayton draws on the latest research in personal development and management theories, actual case studies, his own personal and professional experience, and profiles of well-known leaders to provide a witty and engaging approach to leadership. The Leadershift Workbook provides information and worksheets for self-evaluation that will help people manage and implement their personal goals.

First Published (if available):
No of pages: 344
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Management & Business: General