Landscaping with Stone


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Landscaping with Stone

ISBN: 9781580114462
Authors(s): Pat Sagui

About Landscaping with Stone:

Discover practical ways to create your perfect garden with this one-stop guide to landscaping with stone. Stonescaping is one of the most the most popular outdoor design trends today. Now, you too can learn the tricks for creating stunning stone based design for your garden with this one-stop guide. Featuring more than 290 full-colour photographs and 40 full-colour illustrations, “Landscaping with Stone” provides readers with everything they need to know – including how to incorporate stone into a garden design, choosing the right kind of stone and finding inspiration for your design. It also includes expert advice on basic stone-working techniques – from transporting to cutting and setting – as well as step-by-step instructions for the most popular stonescape projects, such as patios, walls, and rock gardens.

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No of pages: 224
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Architecture
Keywords: home design, home design book, interior design book, architecture and design