Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt: 2015


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Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt: 2015
Kuwi the Kiwi Books
ISBN: 9780473325275
Authors(s): Katherine Q. Merewether

About Kuwi’s Huhu Hunt: 2015:

Kuwi the Kiwi decides to take Chick on his first huhu hunt. They could make huhu hangi, huhu hummus and huhu BBQ…Kuwi is an endangered brown kiwi and a new mum with a very fussy chick. Will she ever find Chick any huhu to eat? A superb book from a well known author and illustrator A simple celebration of the parent/child bond written for young children with a story parents can enjoy and relate to. Amazing, detailed, vibrant illustrations with wee native gems hidden throughout the book The second in a series that is fast becoming a New Zealand classic. The Kuwi the Kiwi series is a proud supporter of Kiwi’s for Kiwi Trust donating 20 cents from each book sale to support kiwi conservation projects in New Zealand. The series has donated $1100 to Kiwi’s for Kiwis so far.

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No of pages: 36
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Picture Books