Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati


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Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati

ISBN: 9781904943464
Authors(s): Caroline Weir Robin Weir

About Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati:

12 years after the publication of their previous book, the largest selling book on ICES that has ever been published, Caroline and Robin Weir return with the ultimate “Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet” book. Since the first publication, over a decade of research, collecting and millions of calories have gone into this new book which has over 400 recipes covering ice creams, gelato, graniti, bombes, parfaits, instructions on making wafers, bisquits, punches, even ice creams for diabetics and vegans. This new book, with all areas expanded and updated, is for the beginner, the enthusiast the cook, the expert and the professional chef. All the recipes are written in the clearest terms in Metric, USA cup measurements and Imperial weights and measures.All techniques are described in the simplest terms and all your questions are covered in this comprehensive book.
Pages: 245
Type: Hardback
Genre: Food & Drink: General