Genius…and Proud of it


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Genius…and Proud of it
…And Proud of it Journals
ISBN: 9781909865051

About Genius…and Proud of it:

Life in the twenty-first century is about being true to yourself and celebrating your passions and opinions. We kick off with this fabulous range of …AND PROUD OF IT…journals. They invite you to show the world who you really are, with their unique statement covers. Whether you’re a dreamer, a hipster, a genius, arty, geeky or bookish, tell everyone about it with one of these great new journals from Huck & Pucker. Write, stick, scrawl or scribble – how you use your journal is up to you! Declare your brilliance with this fabulous journal Declare your literary leanings with this fabulous journal * Hardback * Elastic closure * 192 lined pages * Acid-free paper (cream) * 130mm width x 188mm high

First Published (if available):
No of pages: 160
Published as: Hardback
Genre: Unclassifiable: WZ BIC