From Kai to Kiwi Kitchen


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From Kai to Kiwi Kitchen: New Zealand Culinary Traditions & Cookbooks

ISBN: 9781877372759
Authors(s): Helen Leach

About From Kai to Kiwi Kitchen: New Zealand Culinary Traditions & Cookbooks:

In the past two decades, cuisine and culinary history have attracted increasing attention, with both popular and academic books reflecting the growth of interest. Recipes are both sensitive markers of the socioeconomic conditions of their times and written representations of a culture’s culinary repertoire yet, despite the vast number of cookbooks that survive, they have not been the primary focus of research projects. Acknowledgement of their potential contribution to our understanding of culinary history has been slow. This book is a first in its field. The book opens with the three Macmillan Brown Lectures given by Helen Leach at Canterbury University in 2008 and broadcast on National Radio in 2009. The second part is comprised of essays by a number of contributors from a major research project that looked at Kiwi cookbooks, supported by the Marsden Fund.

No of pages: 208
Published as: Paperback
Genre: National & Regional Cuisine