Eyes of Madness


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Eyes of Madness

ISBN: 9780473247737
Authors(s): David Cole

About Eyes of Madness:

Kathryn Novak is a brilliant Crown Prosecutor who has migrated from Canada to establish a new life in Australia, papering over a troubled childhood, now relegated to the deep recesses of her mind, marked never to be opened. But her born again Aussie lifestyle is ruptured when the death of an unknown mother exhumes old scars, catapulting her into a murky, aphotic past and bringing her face to face with a brutal allied war crime. The chilling revelations that unfold force her to confront a monstrous truth that ultimately boils over in an avalanche of frightening consequences no one can contain. Set in 1975 in Sydney, this compelling story with its origins at the end of WW2 has an international plot drawing on the influences of post war migrant settlements, the Vietnam War and a tumultuous period of NSW history when organised crime and corruption are pervasive.

First Published (if available):
No of pages: 430
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies