Esplin: Tom and Edith’s Creative Journeys


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Esplin: Tom and Edith’s Creative Journeys

ISBN: 9780473125981
Authors(s): Donald Offwood

About Esplin: Tom and Edith’s Creative Journeys:

Over 100 images of Tom Esplin’s wonderful paintings. Tom held a lecturing appointment at Otago University for 30 years, ‘retiring’ to full time travelling and painting in 1985. During this time he developed his trademark and unique palette knife impasto technique, which makes his work so distinctive. He was active in the promotion of art in Otago, being President of the Otago Arts Society and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society. Edith was also a talented painter. Her great skill, however, was in creating lively colourful word pictures, as revealed in the travel diaries she wrote over thirty years. She recorded her impressions of places and people encountered during their journeys, which invites intimate and amusing reading. Tom and Edith had a wonderful life together, travelling very extensively, Tom with sketch pad and camera, Edith with sketch pad and diary, recording her impressions with her quick mind. This book celebrates their life together and displays their talented partnership as painter and writer. This is not only an art book, but an intimate and amusing journal of their travels.

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No of pages: 176
Published as: Hardback
Genre: Individual Artists / Art Monographs