Deliciously Wheat, Gluten & Dairy Free


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Deliciously Wheat, Gluten & Dairy Free

ISBN: 9781910690116
Authors: Antoinette Savill

About Deliciously Wheat, Gluten & Dairy Free:

Antoinette Savill’s first book for Grub Street, Learn to Cook Wheat, Gluten and Dairy Free is one of our best-selling health titles. And so by popular demand here is her latest collection of contemporary and delicious recipes to suit the seasons, all tastes and all budgets. Like her previous book this one is aimed at the millions of people suffering from food intolerances. If you are told that you must follow a wheat, gluten or dairy free diet, what can you safely eat? One thing is certain you will have to start cooking for yourself at home since there are very few ready meals available that will be suitable for your restricted diet. The simplest and safest course is to prepare your own meals, that way you will know that your food does not include any hidden ingredients that might trigger your allergy or intolerance.
Pages: 224
Type: Paperback
Genre: Health, Dieting & Wholefood Cookery
Keywords: gluten, gluten free, gluten free cook book, gluten free recipe book, coeliac disease, gluten sensitivity