Creative Sketching in Product Design


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Creative Sketching in Product Design

About Creative Sketching in Product Design
Though computer rendering has been a huge boon to designers, drawing by hand is still indispensable when it comes to developing ideas and presenting concept art. Creative Sketching in Product Design offers readers a square-one guide to all the skills required to create professional, realistic product drawings: perspective, including one-, two-, three-point and cavalier perspective; light & shadow, including shadow boundaries and projections; and coloring techniques, which includes material effects for wood, plastic and metal. Step-by-step diagrams and exercises make this an ideal resource for the classroom, while also being fully accessible to the self-directed learner. A broad selection of existing products, with photographs alongside the original concept development sketches, offer a look into the ways in which sketching can be the bridge between an idea and a usable product.

240 pages
229mm x 153mm