Coltrane on Coltrane: The John Coltrane Interviews


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Coltrane on Coltrane: The John Coltrane Interviews

ISBN: 9781569762875
Authors(s): Chris DeVito

About Coltrane on Coltrane: The John Coltrane Interviews:

Spanning a body of work that stands with the greatest of the 20th century, this autobiographical perspective of John Coltrane reveals the quiet man behind the fiery music through interviews, liner notes, personal correspondence, and more. As complete a record as possible, this book includes every known Coltrane interview – many in new and more accurate transcriptions and several previously unpublished – as well as articles, reminiscences, liner notes, and personal correspondence with fans and journalists. A truly intimate portrait of a dedicated musician, this compilation of his wise words on improvisation, music, and life show why the man and his music continue to inspire devotion, adoration, and joy nearly 50 years after his death.

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No of pages: 396
Published as: Hardback
Genre: Autobiography: The Arts