Burn After Writing


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Burn After Writing

ISBN: 9781908211231
Authors(s): Sharon Jones

About Burn After Writing:

Burn After Writing – welcome to the Book of You. This is your Black Dossier. Hidden in the secret compartment of your world. For your eyes only. The place where you speak your own truth freely, beyond any concern for how it might be viewed by others. It’s an extended feature length interview with you, a radical thought experiment with you as the subject and you as the result. This collection of playful, probing and provocative questions prompts you to profile your innermost self in writing. Each task invites you to explore your fascination with yourself unashamedly. As adults we learn to focus on representing ourselves in a manner pleasing others. Leave that behind you for a minute. Indulge yourself with Burn After Writing alone by lamplight. Some elements are random like tea leaves forming patterns in a mug, some elements are deliberate to coax you into realising things about yourself you never noticed before. And when you finish the book…will you Burn After Writing…? Put simply, it’s a secret diary for proper grown ups.

No of pages: 144
Published as: Hardback
Genre: Popular Psychology