Best-Selling House Plans (Ch)


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Best-Selling House Plans (Ch)
Home Plans
ISBN: 9781580114707
Authors(s): Creative Homeowner Home Plans Creative Homeowner

About Best-Selling House Plans (Ch):

“Best-Selling House Plans” offers readers 400 of our most-successful designs from leading architects and designers. Over 200 gorgeous full-color photographs allow readers to experience homes actually built from the designs, plus some stunning interior images. Construction blueprints are made available for every home and are easily customizable. Virtually every home style is offered, including farmhouses, country cottages, contemporaries, luxury estates, vacation retreats, and regional specialties. In addition to these designs, “Best-Selling House Plans” offers practical tips and advice on everything from selecting a site and hiring a contractor to adding such finishing touches as trimwork and landscaping. This book is perfect for consumers looking to choose from a wide variety of styles and designs from the top architects and designers in the country.

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No of pages: 352
Published as: Paperback / softback
Genre: House & Home