Beijing and Shanghai: China’s Hottest Cities


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Beijing and Shanghai: China’s Hottest Cities
Odyssey Travel Guides S.
ISBN: 9789622177642
Authors(s): Peter Hibbard Paul Mooney Janet Carmosky

About Beijing and Shanghai: China’s Hottest Cities:

China’s drive into the 21st century has been fueled by the relationship – and competition – between Beijing, considered by some observers to be the capital of capitals in China, and Shanghai, the nation’s economic growth engine. The political and cultural history of China, since 1850, has in many ways been shaped by Beijing’s exercise of policy over what was once a small shipping port and fishing centre. In little more than a century, Shanghai has cast off these nets and is rising to be the region’s leading economic metropolis, a position it seems determined to hold, this time with Beijing’s blessing. As Beijing bounds forward to host the 2008 Olympics, its majesty, well-reflected in its cultural gems – the Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven and the Ming Tombs, remains unfettered by the country’s economic development. Observers and travellers alike will delight in seeing each city play out its colourful and dramatic role with the blessings of heaven and earth. Travellers to China must at some point visit both these dynamic cities. This vibrant new edition of “Beijing & Shanghai” brings readers up-to-date on what’s hot and what’s cool in China’s twin cities.

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No of pages: 600
Published as: Paperback
Genre: Travel & Holiday Guides: General