Art of Sketching: 200 Years of Travel Diaries


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Art of Sketching: 200 Years of Travel Diaries

ISBN: 9788415967767
Authors(s): Pascale Argod

About Art of Sketching: 200 Years of Travel Diaries:

Memories of other places, travel notebooks chronicle the experience of getting to know each other and ourselves. They have been companions of artists from Durer to Philip Delord, going through the orientalists and explorers. “Art of Sketching” illustrates the great scientific and journalistic adventures in history, from the Egyptian campaign to the war in Iraq. It also explores more intimate territories, capturing the essence of our world to preserve the remembrance. Between text and image, this stunning collection travels through the centuries revealing the most beautiful pages of a very human adventure

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No of pages: 160
Published as: Paperback
Genre: drawing book, how to draw book, sketching and drawing, sketch book, drawing techniques