Apocalypse Next Tuesday


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Apocalypse Next Tuesday

ISBN: 9781843915089
Authors(s): David Safier Hilary Parnfors

About Apocalypse Next Tuesday:

‘Do you love him Marie?”Um…of course…I love Jesus’ I stammered. “Great guy.”I’m talking about the man you intend to marry in my church…”Oh…’Cataclysmic events are nigh in Malente, Germany. Satan (a dead ringer for George Clooney) is on the prowl, recruiting horsemen for next week’s Armageddon – and in a boring, provincial place like this, he’s apparently spoiled for choice. One might hope that the Archangel Gabriel would be some help since he’s in town, but he’s too busy with a tantric sex marathon to deliver anyone from evil.Meanwhile gentle, sandal-wearing carpenter Joshua encounters, by chance, washed-up thirtysomething singleton Marie. Type: Paperback
Genre: General & Literary Fiction