A Dog’s Heart


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A Dog’s Heart

ISBN: 9781843914020
Authors(s): Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov Hugh Aplin A. S. Byatt

About A Dog’s Heart:

Through his surreal, often grotesque humour, Bulgakov creates in this book – a new translation of one of the most popular satires on the Russian Revolution and on Soviet society – an ingenious new twist to the ‘Frankenstein’ parable. Having been scalded by boiling water earlier that day, and with little chance to survive the severe winter night, a stray dog is left for dead on the streets. Lamenting his fate, he is ill prepared for the chance arrival of a wealthy professor who befriends him and takes him home. However, it seems the professor’s motives are not entirely altruistic – an expert in medical experimentation, he sees his new charge as the potential subject for a bizarre operation, and implants glands from a dead criminal in the dog. The resulting half-man, half-beast is, as to be expected, a monstrosity, yet one that fits in remarkably well with Soviet society…

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No of pages: 112
Published as: Paperback
Genre: dog book, books about dogs, dog behaviour book, dog car book